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Venus in Aries 07.03.2018 (00:45 CET) - 31.03.2018 (06:53 CEST):"Zbabělost je, když víme co máme dělat, a neděláme to."

Venus in Aries 07.03.2018 (00:45 CET) - 31.03.2018 (06:53 CEST)


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Venus in Aries 07.03.2018 (00:45 CET) - 31.03.2018 (06:53 CEST)
Metallic hydrogen

Reflection Bridge to Spiritual Experience - Year 11 - PF 2018

Human brain

CC BY-SA 3.0, Odkaz

The human brain is the governing and integrative organ of the human nervous system. He controls and controls all bodily functions such as heart activity, digestion, movement, speech, but also thinking, memory or emotion.

The brain can be simply divided into the brainstem, the middle-brain and the end-brain. Anatomically, however, it is divided into the following parts: elongated spinal cord, varole bridge, middle brain, cerebellum, mezzimile and end-brain.


A man diagnosed as suffering from melancholia with strong su Wellcome L0026693.jpg
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A man diagnosed as suffering from melancholia with strong suicidal tendency. Lithograph, 1892, after a drawing by Alexander Johnston, 1837, for Sir Alexander Morison. Iconographic Collections Keywords: 1837; johnston, alexander; MELANCHOLIA; wildcat 38639; Depression; Psychiatry; Depressive Disorder; T. C.; Bethlem Royal Hospital (London); Alexander Johnston; Alexander Morison; Byrom Bramwell

Braunovy sochy Ctností a Neřestí na Kuksu (37).jpg
Autor: DezidorFotografie je vlastním dílem, CC BY 3.0, Odkaz

Despair (vices)
Hospital Kuks - Lapidarium of the statues of M. B. Braun

Depression is a serious, long-lasting disorder of the psyche that results in a reduction in disappearance of the ability to experience pleasure, decreased individual moods and pathological sadness.

The designation of "depression" comes from the Latin deprimere - the word de (lower) + primere (push). The exact translation is referred to as oppressing, silencing.

Frequent feelings of fatigue and hopelessness, lack of motivation, inability to feel pleasure (anehdonia), anxiety and loneliness, feelings of worthlessness or guilt are also sometimes increased aggression, low self-confidence, fatigue, debilitating attention and concentration.

This is a serious, even life-threatening condition.

The response of the affected individual to this mental state is different. The person concerned may be irritable, aggressive and malicious, or tired, quiet and quiet. In most cases, joyful reactions to positive stimuli disappear, and the individual may appear to be cynical around.

Depression is treated with antidepressants, often in combination with psychotherapy. According to an article in Czech National Geographic, "the only people who see the world realistically are people with severe depression," the neurologists found.

Saturn in the horoscope

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
February 22, 1857 Hamburg - January 1, 1894 Bonn

Autor: Robert Krewaldt, Kaiserplatz 16, Bonn – Cabinetphotograph, Kabinettfotografie, Volné dílo, Odkaz

A German physicist who has experimentally tested Maxwell and Faraday's theoretical assumptions about the propagation of electromagnetic waves, and has begun the road to developing a wireless connection.

Hertz micrometer resonator.png
By Rollo Appleyard - Retrieved December 30, 2014 from Rollo Appleyard, "Pioneers of Electrical Communication 5: Heinrich Rudolf Hertz" in Electrical Communication magazine, International Standard Electric Corp., New York, Vol. 6, No. 2, October 1927, p. 70, fig. 9 on, Public Domain, Link

It is named unit for frequency - Hz.

His most famous attempt was the practical proof of the spread of electromagnetic waves from 1887. Although their propagation was predicted by Maxwell in 1872, it was not experimentally proven until then.

Hertz first oscillator.png
By Rollo Appleyard - Retrieved December 30, 2014 from Rollo Appleyard, "Pioneers of Electrical Communication 5: Heinrich Rudolf Hertz" in Electrical Communication magazine, International Standard Electric Corp., New York, Vol. 6, No. 2, October 1927, p. 66, fig. 3 on, Public Domain, Link

Hertz apparatus consisted of giant inductor with a spark gap at one corner and the oscillator (two metal balls spaced only one-fifth of a millimeter with an attached piece of wire as an antenna) at a second corner. After the inductor started, sparks appeared on the other apparatus. This was the first time the transmission of electromagnetic waves without the use of conductors. Hertz also demonstrated the possibility of a new wave reflecting and breaking and thus proving that they have the same character as light. With other experiments he discovered a photoelectric phenomenon and cathode rays.

Hertz radio wave experiments - polarization filter.png
By George Washington Pierce - Retrieved December 17, 2015 from George Washington Pierce (1910) Principles of Wireless Telegraphy, McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, p. 54, fig. 32 on Google Books, Public Domain, Link

He himself regarded his discovery as an academic matter, but his successors gradually led them to the form of today's media. In addition to electricity, he also dealt with elasticity, strength and fluorescence. In the 1930s, his writings in Germany were publicly burned because of his Jewish father.

By en:User:Hertzian - en:File:TransverseEMwave.PNG, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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