(Friedrich Nietzsche 15.10.1844 Röcken u Lützenu – 25.08.1900 Výmar)

Mercury in Taurus 13.05.2018 (14:39 CEST) - 30.05.2018 (01:48 CEST):(Friedrich Nietzsche 15.10.1844 Röcken u Lützenu – 25.08.1900 Výmar)

Mercury in Taurus 13.05.2018 (14:39 CEST) - 30.05.2018 (01:48 CEST)


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Mercury in Taurus 13.05.2018 (14:39 CEST) - 30.05.2018 (01:48 CEST)
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Religion is no human error, it's a great truth of instinct, which people suspect and express. (Ernest Renan)

"It feels like the heart ( love) of his could not overcome what reason ( liked ) he had long ago rejected"
(František Xaver Šalda)

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"A cough on the intellect. It would be enough if I had enough instinct." (Jules Renard )

Jules Renard

(22 February 1864, Châlons-du-Maine, Mayenne, France
– 22 May 1910, Paris, France)

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Instinct (instinctus, stimulate) is a stereotypical, compelling and yet purposeful behavior that is not the result of learning or experience. In the transferred sense, the ability to perceive things that are not sensible, such as imminent danger.

Effective behavior, often triggered by a stimulus that the young animal does not need to learn, but does it for the first time almost perfectly, and then always the same, has always attracted the attention of man. The way the spider weaves the net or how the bees are building the coats at the same time has been a profound admiration for the purpose of nature. The concept of instinct thus expressed both a certain automatism, the certainty and perfection of the behavior, and metaphorically, as well as for more or less automatic, not thoughtful behavior of man.

At the begining of experimental psychology and ethology, it seemed to fit well for describing human behavior if it was rather compelling, automatic, and stereotyped. This trait of irresistible urge or lure expresses the Czech word instinct used by Sigmund Freud to describe the unconscious motivational "energies" of man. But it did not mean individual instinctive reactions and movements, but the general pressures to which a person is normally exposed in society. Freud spoke, for example, about "the need to live" and "to lead to death," the "principle of reality" and "the principle of delight".

The Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz, who understood "a spontaneous system of conduct that is uniform enough to deserve his name," worked on the concept of instinct. "In the middle of the 20th century, however, it became clear that once the concept of instinct was to be more precisely defined, human behavior such a definition does not explain. Thus, for the instinctive behavior of animals, it is often typical that they can not resist it, that they can not suppress them, which happens only exceptionally (such as an irresistible blink of an eye when an obstacle suddenly appears).

On the contrary, German anthropologist Arnold Gehlen pointed out how the instinct system is weakened in man and, above all, subordinated to - with few exceptions - informed decision-making; man is, according to him, a "being with a scarcity" (Mangelwesen), who must either learn or search for themselves in a practical way in a particular environment. At the same time, it is given the almost universal ability of a person to adapt to different environments.

Because of the difficulty in defining, eventually both psychologists and ethologists have abandoned the concept of instinct, and rather use the sign of congenital behavior, the inborn pattern of behavior. The word instinct thus returned to general speech, where its ambiguity and uncertainty do not matter.

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Nazi Freud's books burned on the fire

Sigmund Freud

(6 May 1856, Freiberg in Mähren, Moravia, Austrian Empire (now Příbor, Czech Republic) - 23 September 1939, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom )

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