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Mercury in Sagittarius 31.10.2018 (05:37 CET) - 01.11.2018 (12:11 CET), 13.11.2018 (00:42 CET) - 05.01.2019 (04:39 CET)


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Mercury in Sagittarius 31.10.2018 (05:37 CET) - 01.11.2018 (12:11 CET), 13.11.2018 (00:42 CET) - 05.01.2019 (04:39 CET)
"Apology" or "Self Defense
against the accusation of witchcraft "is the speech that Apuleius made in his defense before the court and which saved his life.

On December 25, Jesus was born.
The Savior but remembers mankind

The Golden Ass (Asinus Aureus)

Apuleius Metamorphoses c. 65.jpg
By Bartolomeo di Bartoli for Bruzio Visconti - 2D copy of a scan of an medieval manuscript, Public Domain, Link

or Metamorphoses is the only Latin novel that has survived in its entirety. It is an imaginative, irreverent, and amusing work that relates the ludicrous adventures of one Lucius, who experiments with magic and is accidentally turned into an ass. In this guise he hears and sees many unusual things, until escaping from his predicament in a rather unexpected way. Within this frame story are found many digressions, the longest among them being the well-known tale of Cupid and Psyche.

The Metamorphoses ends with the (once again human) hero, Lucius, eager to be initiated into the mystery cult of Isis; he abstains from forbidden foods, bathes, and purifies himself. He is introduced to the Navigium Isidis. Then the secrets of the cult's books are explained to him, and further secrets are revealed before he goes through the process of initiation, which involves a trial by the elements in a journey to the underworld. Lucius is then asked to seek initiation into the cult of Osiris in Rome, and eventually is initiated into the pastophoroi – a group of priests that serves Isis and Osiris. The adventures of the ass stand at the beginning of the picaresque novel tradition which eventually produced The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling.

Amor or Cupido?

Laurel wreath
By dalovar - Laurel_wreath_fa13.gif By Фёдор Таран ( [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons, CC0, Link

Myths associated with Erot

Erós himself was also helpless against love (if Anterós did not help him). Myths feature several of his love stories.

CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

One of the famous myths is the story of Erot and Apollo, who scorned Eroot about his golden bow shooting. Erot had caused it to do so because Apollo fell in love with the nymph of Daphne, daughter of Laden, who apologized to Apollo. And it was Erot's thought that had hit her for change by the arrow that killed his love. Dafna in horror before Apollo, who was the most beautiful of the gods, asked her father for a change of form and he accepted it. He changed Daphne into a laurel tree, whose leaves Apollón grabbed his head to remember his first love.

Metapontum Triobol 868740.jpg
Autor: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc., CC BY-SA 2.5, Odkaz

The story of Erota and Psycha has a long tradition as a folk tale of the ancient Greek-Roman world long before it was published; the first was Apuleius in his novel Golden Donkey. The novel itself is written in Roman picarish style, although Psyche and Aphrodite retain Greek characters. It is only Erós, whose roles came from his role in the Roman pantheon.

Daphne&Apollo Overmantle StaffordBarton Dolton

Herakles Ladon Staatliche Antikensammlungen SL89.jpg
By User:Bibi Saint-Pol, Own work, 2007-02-09, Public Domain, Link

Rom, Pantheon bei Nacht.jpg
Autor: Dnalor 01Vlastní dílo, CC BY-SA 3.0, Odkaz

This story is just a turning point and a structural parallel to the main story line of Apulei's novel, and is narrated for wailing some old girl captured by the robber. It is narrated about the love of fullness between Erot and Psyche, whose name is difficult to translate, perhaps to be called "soul", "mind", or rather both. The Psyche was so beautiful that her beauty was offended by the goddess of the beauty of Aphrodite because people left her altar and worshiped this mortal instead. The Aphrodite therefore ordered her son Erot to wound her with the arrow of love for the worst man in the world. Eros, however, fell in love with Psyche himself, and let her be carried away to her home, where he was meeting in darkness each night. Their tranquility and peace is disturbed by the envious nurses Psycha, which causes Psychy to try to find out his true form. Eros, burned with oil from the lamp, through which Psychy tried to get to know him, flew away from him, and Psycha was trying to find him all over the world. If Psychs wants to get their love back, they have to accomplish three tasks, one of which will lead it to the underworld. Tasks will be fulfilled and eventually he will confess to his mother-in-law and is accepted into the pantheon of the gods as the immortal Erat's wife. The result of love Erot and Psycha was their daughter, named Hedone, or Delight.

Amor or Cupido?

Laurel wreath
By dalovar - Laurel_wreath_fa13.gif By Фёдор Таран ( [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons, CC0, Link

Michelangelo Caravaggio 007.jpg
Autor: Caravaggio – The Yorck Project (2002) 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei (DVD-ROM), distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH. ISBN: 3936122202., Volné dílo, Odkaz

Le Roi danse - DVD cover - IMDB.jpg
By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, Link

Visitation and Return Psychics from the Underworld made it a symbol of fidelity, like Dionysos and Persephone. It has become an object of some religious mysteries and has occasionally been mentioned with popular Eleusinian mysteries.

Some people believe that this story tells us that love comes when a man in desire (Eros) dreams more of a soul than his own body. Two can find love, but even more easily they can lose it because of distrust.

Locri Pinax Of Persephone And Hades.jpg
By No machine-readable author provided. AlMare assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

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